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Welcome customers to visit the factory!

waiting at the airport for a long time they received the afternoon Minqing arrived, they asked me very puzzled, "Do you have a road traffic regulations," sitting in the car they would have felt it a chaotic traffic. Later, there are many times when shopping, can not avoid crossing the road. This time they are to be personally affected. Minqing because many places are basically there is no sidewalk, even if there is a few cross over the railing, no traffic lights. Which makes them very nervous every time they cross the road. Once Kowloon take them to buy Chinese knot, because from where to eat nearby, they want down, they decided to walk to, and they asked me not to cross the road, I think that they certainly do not want to before, and he say "I like it, because it is very crazy". this also interesting as a crazy thing, even only say "I think you are crazy". before the book have seen foreigners come to China, He is afraid to cross the road. We really had a good job to improve traffic. 
After dinner to go shopping with them. 
Shortly after the entrance, they asked me back so much bamboo is doing what. Confused I was stunned to find that but could not find bamboo. Or boss react quickly, I came to understand what he said bamboo is pushing scooters selling that cane. They have not seen this before, so it is curious, thought it was a special kind of bamboo. In order to satisfy their curiosity, a pedestrian came to sell sugar cane there, let them try, "bamboo" flavor. They are afraid of Chinese food chili scared, bite cane would say spicy, . . I told him exactly, sweet sugar cane, is not hot, he felt this was really sweet. Later, it became a lot of times we chat topic, but also to take a cane name "Sweet bamboo".